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Open Position: Global Legal Counsel
Job Grade: Manager(대리말 ~ 과장)

[General Summary]
Company Policy Coordination Division is seeking to fill in a Global Legal Counsel / Manager position to be part of Legal Dept.

Responsibilities include:
- Supporting various global projects (includes engaging in operation/business launches to worldwide implementation of various global streamlining systems & protocols),
- Drafting and reviewing of contracts (IT, Operational & procurement/vendor, consulting agreements etc.)
- Overseeing legal issues in global offices.

Proven experience in handling complex global project initiatives within a global company is essential.

[Duties and Responsibilities]
1)Structuring, drafting, reviewing, negotiating and providing advice regarding wide range of worldwide transactional agreements & documents relating to business transactions involving multiple parties of worldwide entities, including general commercial contracts supporting the global vendor management, global system implementation, business operational readiness, and providing advisory support services of global entities
2)Identifying legal issues, providing analysis of legal risks, creating and implementing solutions structured to achieve global business objectives efficiently
3)Selecting, retaining and managing global outside legal counsel to ensure high-value, cost-effective representation
4)Working closely with our global offices and delivering legal services in various subject areas

[Knowledge and Skills]
· Licensed attorney preferred (Common law jurisdiction or Korea)
· Experience in law firm or global company with focus in transactional work (min 4 yrs.)
· Proven transactional experience: entailing multiple parties in complex global engagements
· Strategic thinking
· Excellent collaboration and communication skills
· Effective in written and verbal communication in English
· Ability to work in a complex organization
· Ability and willingness to work with international team

[Education and Experience ]
Licensed attorney preferred (common law jurisdiction or Korea)
Experience in law firm or global company

[Working Condition]
Travel abroad may be required.

제출서류: 국문이력서 및 경력기술서(워드파일로 제출)
제출처: ds@dspartners.co.kr

서류 - 면접 - 처우협의 - 평판조회

국문이력서 및 경력기술서(워드)


서류 - 면접(실무, 임원) - 처우협의

국문이력서 및 경력기술서(워드)

[제출처] 정대석대표, ds@dspartners.co.kr
기타사항 학력:대졸이상, 외국어:영어
담당자 담당컨설턴트: 관리자 대표이사
연락처: 02-595-2015 / 010-9348-8080
이메일: ds@dspartners.co.kr


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